Answer Center

The Answer Center (known as "First Stop" at the Downtown Campus八戒八戒午夜视频|yy4416私人网站|4480私人) should be your first stop in seeking answers to many of your questions. At the Answer Center you will find cross-trained Student Services Advisors knowledgeable with admissions, financial aid, advising and many other areas. They are available to work with you on a walk-in basis.

The Answer Center assists individual students in reaching their educational goals by incorporating the LifeMap八戒八戒午夜视频|yy4416私人网站|4480私人 model using a holistic, student-centered approach.

Answer Center Advisors are there to guide students from application to graduation. They have the ability to:

  • Clarify initial educational goals
  • Follow up on the admissions process
  • Review and determine financial aid needs
  • Describe the assessment process and direct students to preparation materials

Hours & Locations

Monday - Thursday: 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
八戒八戒午夜视频|yy4416私人网站|4480私人 Friday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Downtown Campus
First Stop in UnionWest 105

East Campus
八戒八戒午夜视频|yy4416私人网站|4480私人 Bldg 5, Rm 211

Lake Nona Campus
八戒八戒午夜视频|yy4416私人网站|4480私人 Bldg 1, Rm 149

Osceola Campus
八戒八戒午夜视频|yy4416私人网站|4480私人 Bldg 2, Rm 105

West Campus
SSB, Rm 106

Winter Park Campus
八戒八戒午夜视频|yy4416私人网站|4480私人 Bldg 1, Rm 206

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Privacy Information

八戒八戒午夜视频|yy4416私人网站|4480私人Federal statutes require colleges to protect the privacy rights of student records.  Valencia College does not fax documents to institutions, agencies, or individuals because documents transmitted utilizing fax technology cannot be secured. Additionally, most institutions do not consider documents sent to them via fax as official records.